Friday, March 6, 2009

Amathuba says Thank You

This is an official Thank You to all our very generous sponsors from Amathuba for the money we managed to raise on their behalf during our climb. 

You can find the article on their website by clicking here

To quote:

Cape couple climb Kilimanjaro for Amathuba

We were thrilled to be selected as the beneficiary when Jolene and Marco Bertoldi decided to raise funds through their Kilimanjaro climb. The Cape couple chose Amathuba because:

'Personally, we find it astounding and shameful that in our modern times, people still live in shacks without basic facilities such as clean running water, electricity or sufficient shelter.'

'It is relatively easy for us to make a big difference in the lives of others,' Jolene writes on her blog, .  

The couple raised nearly R9 000 for Amathuba. We sincerely thank them, and all those who sponsored them – and were delighted to hear that they enjoyed a successful and safe trip to the summit.

Click here to sponsor Jolene and Marco.Anyone, anywhere in the world can raise funds for Amathuba on Do it 4 Charity . You do not have to be South African - you just need a passion for the work we do!


We'd like to say that we are delighted to be able to help and offer a great big thanks again to all for your support!

If you would like to do something amazing for charity, please take a look at this website - it is unbelievably easy to set up!

Summit Night on Kilimanjaro

According to the latest tweets the British Celebs have all made it to the summit camp. They are resting up for a few hours before the summit assault.

The night will begin like this: Day Five

And when they think the summit will never come and the night will never end... It Does!

The summit attempt is gruelling and as you go up, you use all your will and might to get there. Once you have finally made it, it's exhilarating. The views are truly awesome!

You only have a few minutes to admire the beauty and your achievement before heading back down. 

From here you still have the longest and most testing day ahead of you. The rest of the day will look a little something like this: Day Six 

Good Luck To All The Climbers!

To all their supporters, if you haven't yet - you still have time to help them reach their main goal which is supporting Red Nose Day. They have today already raised £1, 274, 267 for charity which is a phenomenal effort! Congrats to all and let's hope each one of them gets to stand on the Roof of Africa!

To see a condensed version of the Machame Route see: here

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Barranco Wall

According to their latest 'tweet' the celebs are making their way up Barranco Wall

To Quote:

Half way up Barranco Wall stopping for a rest and the new 900k plus total comes in - what a reception that gets!
31 minutes ago from txt

That would mean that they are definitely on the Machame Route and that they are facing this today:

Good Luck to the team and if you haven't already, sponsor their climb for charity today!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


For those of you on Twitter you can follow all the latest news from the celebs on Kilimanjaro. This seems to be frequently updated by the Girls Aloud girls and Chris Moyles.

Take a look at the last couple of updates here to get an idea of how it's all going for them:

Everyone is walking hunched over, with heads bowed, taking the smallest steps they can. The altitude is taking a brutal toll.
15 minutes ago from txt

Chris: It wasn't.
19 minutes ago from txt

Chris: Im trudging here, counting steps to the top of a ridge. I hope to God the camp is on the other side.
21 minutes ago from txt

Painfully slow progress as we climb and climb. Team now strung out across half a mile and every single step hurts.
21 minutes ago from txt

A message from the team to Sun reporter Gordon Smart who couldnt climb because of a family tragedy - we're all thinking of u.
about 1 hour ago from txt

Inbetween gasps for air the talk has turned to comfort food. Roast dinners, burgers and sausage sarnies are being drooled over.
about 1 hour ago from txt

A message from the team to Sun reporter Gordon Smart who couldnt climb because of a family tragedy - we're all thinking of u.
about 1 hour ago from txt

The team have experienced upwards cloud today - cold, wet cloud gusting upwards into their faces.
about 2 hours ago from txt

As anyone who heard Chris on the radio this morning could no doubt tell, today is a cold hard slog.
about 2 hours ago from txt

hi -txt 'climb' to 88808 to keep that fantastic support going. anyone listening to chris M on Radio 1?
about 4 hours ago from web

Team just been told 677k total - put a spring in what is a pretty heavy collective step. Chris on Radio 1 now.
about 4 hours ago from txt

Sweet stop. Harribos, percy pigs, choc eclairs - anything for an energy boost.
about 5 hours ago from txt

Kimberley and Cheryl: Hi to all the Girls Aloud fans who are sending messages - the support and donations help loads, this is really hard!xx
about 6 hours ago from txt

A night of heavy rain will make these hard yards even harder. Gary's back holding up.
about 7 hours ago from txt

Air of trepidation around camp this morning. Five hour climb ahead that will take the team to 4600 meters and the very edge of the glaciers.
about 7 hours ago from txt

And a big thanks from me from all the messages of support - more tomorrow. Onwards and upwardsx
about 18 hours ago from txt

So apologies for any random reports from the mountain in the next few days.
about 18 hours ago from txt

So a huge thank you from every member of the team to everyone who has donated so far and to
those who will.
about 18 hours ago from txt

In short this is a huge challenge - and the thing that keeps the team putting on foot in front of the other is the money thats being raised.
about 18 hours ago from txt

And finally there's the fear of the unkown - will the next meter thd team climbs be the one that makes them succumb?
about 18 hours ago from txt

The celebs are on day 3 of their trek. Take a look here to see what they can expect to get through today: Day 3 on Kilimanjaro
Don't forget that this initiative is all for a very good cause

See all the details at the Red Nose Day website:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Celebrities Climbing Kilimanjaro

Isn't it always the case - you do something BIG and then it seems just about everyone else is doing it too! 

But when it's for charity it would be great if everyone could chip in. Either by doing the challenge yourself or by sponsoring those brave enough to attempt it.

So a number British celebs have joined forces and have taken on the challenge of Climbing Kili. 

Included in the list of famous names are Radio One DJ Chris Moyles, Boyzone's Ronan Keating, pop star Alesha Dixon, and GMTV host Ben Shephard, 34. 

The effort is to raise money for Comic Relief. They hope to raise £1m - some of which will be used to fight malaria and providing refuge for those in need, in Tanzania.

According to the Telegraph the group left at 6am local time, yesterday. 

When we started our trip, we only managed to leave at 1pm with all the delays we faced. So we ended up walking in the heat of the late afternoon. I guess at least the celebs managed to start off with slightly cooler conditions. Although it seems that it was still a little to hot for Take That singer, Gary Barlow, who "collapsed in a heap" on his first day.

To get an idea of that they have in store for day 2, take a look at this link:

The group have already raised more than £500,000. Other celebrities taking part include TV presenter Denise Van Outen, DJ Fearne Cotton and Girls Aloud Kimberley Walsh and Cheryl Cole .

If you would like to donate to the Red Nose Climb, you can find all the details about the climb and the climbers here:

Saturday, February 28, 2009

What The Brochure Said

I thought it might be a useful exercise to go back and add to my previous posts, instead of re-writing them. Having done the trip now, it's probably going to be better to show you:

What The Brochure Said vs What Really Happened...

So go back as far as the 4th of February 2009 where our adventure begins...